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Mayor JPA completes 2.3km zip line project

 Finally, the long wait is over! Asia's longest zip line is here in the City of Good Life!

 The Oroquieta City Zip Line has been opened for the people of Oroquieta and its neighboring areas.   Probably one of Asia’s longest zip lines and built in compliance with world class safety standards per direct supervision by British suppliers, the dual-zip facility’s construction was finally completed by the city government under the leadership of Mayor Jason P. Almonte.  Financed through the city’s Economic Enterprise Development Program, a total of debt-free P7million was spent to complete the project,

 The zip line’s launching pad is located in Barangay Villaflor, a 10 minute ride from the city proper.  Amidst the majestic backdraft of Mt. Malindang Range and Natural Park – a UNESCO declared ASEAN Heritage Park- one will see lush forests and wonderful views whilst soaring high at 800 feet. The 2.3 km breathtaking aerial traverse crosses 2 barangays as well as the famed Layawan River as it flows from its source until it unites with the waters of the Mindanao Sea.   

 Mayor JPA in his opening message, encouraged Oroquietanians to do their share by promoting this latest adventure activity to their friends and relatives, both here and abroad, to feel this one-of-a-kind experience riding the Oroquieta Zip Line. He further said the zip is equipped with backup cables because safety should always come first.

 The City of Good Life features this new landmark destination that caters local and international tourists especially nature lovers and adventure seekers. Aside from the zip line facility the city government is also eyeing to develop a nearby 300hectare lush green land area suitable for Forest or Adventure Parks that would also offer trekking, camping, kayaking, hiking and other outdoor adventures that will be available soon.

 Presently zip ride rate is pegged at P250/person. The facility is managed by the city’s Oro Extreme Zip Line Adventure.(glenn suan) 

                 For bookings contact Tel no.: (088)564-0764 or (088)564-0763 Office of the City Mayor

Click here for Rates:

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