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A progressive and sustainable city, center of agriculture, ecotourism, business and sports, with God-loving and empowered citizenry under good governance and strong political will.


We are committed to promote better quality of life by pursuing maximum socio-economic development through improved livelihood opportunities, access to quality education, infrastructure development and sustained delivery of basic services.

Major Goals

○ Ensure a sustainable level of socio-economic growth.
○ Reduce poverty incidence through a program of sustainable economic development in order to attain optimum production of basic food and commercial crops, livestock and poultry, fishery outputs and forestry products and eventually cause a significant increase in family income.
○ Better quality of life through adequate, relevant, responsive and effective social services.
○ Adequate and properly maintained infrastructures and efficient utilities to spur economic growth.
○ Improve productivity of all government personnel.
○ Promote an orderly and peaceful environment to hasten economic development.
○ Optimum utilization of the city's land resource.

Major Objectives

○ To increase production of food, commercial crops and livestock.
○ To accelerate industrial development and trade expansion by harnessing agro-based resources and potentials.
○ To protect/conserve fishery and forestry resources.
○ To develop existing and potential tourist spots.
○ To provide/improve basic infrastructure facilities and social amenities.
○ To improve the quality of life of the poor through a package of social services.
○ To upgrade the competencies of government workers to make them more responsive to the call of public service.
○ To improve the peace and order situation in the city.

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